Since when do you free surf and who taught you surfing?

I started surfing around 12/13 at my local surf spot (mullaz point ) I wasn’t brought up i a surfing family or culture… so I believe I taught myself

What makes surfing you feel like?

words can not describe the joy.

What inspires your surfing style?

it’s changed a lot over the years but of late it has been Derek hynd and Michael Peterson.

When you surf a finless board, where ist he biggest different to riding a board with fins?

The deference for me between the two is the sense of trim and speed it’s like chalk and cheese.

You said that travelling makes you can become a better person. What does that „being a better person“ mean?

well when I visit third world countries and come back to where I live I am a lot more grateful of where I come from and try to give back to those who don’t have a lot.

Where is your next surftrip leading you to?

I would really love to go surf morocco or Peru. At the moment I am only really interested in surfing well lined points because where I come from in junky windy waves.

Often people like to focus on one kind of wave: they like to surf fast ones or hollow ones or mellow ones. You say you like to surf all of them. But is there still a kind of wave that you like to surf the most?

there is a perfect wave out there for everyone I don’t think I have found in but Jbay in South Africa came pretty dam close !!

What you the vibes be like in the water? From a traveller perspective and local point of view.

respect the locals and hopefully they will give you waves.

Any dream board to fancy to try?

I have been eyeing off one of Derek hynd 11 foot boards. In fact it was the board he rode after mick fanning got attacked by a shark at jbay in 2015.